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There has to be a Better Way

Posted May 24, 2017 by Michael M. Moran in From the Experts.

The Dodd-Frank Act became public law in the 111th Congress nearly seven years ago. Its objective, as the country moved through the Financial Crisis and the devastating effects of the Great Recession, was primarily four-fold:

-Promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system

-End “Too Big to Fail”

-Protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts

-Protect consumers from abusive financial services practices

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The Cost of Saying Good-Bye

Posted May 16, 2017 by Stephen D. Heckard in From the Experts.

Two years ago, I was asked to review data processing contracts for a small bank to determine departure costs as part of a potential acquisition. We have a very active Investment Banking Division that provides assistance to banks looking to acquire and banks looking to be acquired. In either case from time-to-time, I am asked to provide estimates for terminating processing contracts and deconversion charges. I would like to share with you two recent examples regarding terminating processing contracts.

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Contracts - It’s All About the Fine Print!

Posted April 26, 2017 by Stephen D. Heckard in From the Experts.

I have a recurring nightmare that I will come back in my next life to practice contract law. I do not have a law degree, so hopefully that will minimize the chances. However, reviewing contracts is a significant part of my everyday duties, whether managing a core vendor evaluation or renewing a contract with an existing vendor. Since ProBank Austin has a very active Investment Banking Division, from time-to-time, I review client contracts or a target institution’s contracts to determine departure costs if acquired. My assignment is to specifically review a departure from existing processing agreements.

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Has March Madness Led to April Anxiety?

Posted April 12, 2017 by Michael M. Moran in From the Experts.

A few months back, coming off the results of the Presidential election, we opined on the seemingly rocket-fueled rally in bank stocks. At the time, we posited the following as probable/potential catalysts underpinning the significant positive move in the sector:

Meaningful tax reform - might rates drop from approximately 35% to 25% or lower?

Pro-growth sentiment in D.C. - will it help fuel stronger economic growth as measured by GDP?

Favorable interest rate environment - will expectations of steadily rising rates help shape a steeper yield curve, and result in long-sought margin expansion?

Regulatory relief - could a roll-back or significant revisions to Dodd-Frank help ease the time and costs associated with this post-crisis regulatory burden, particularly for our nation’s community banks?

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Fintech - Be Current and Cognizant!

Posted April 5, 2017 by Stephen D. Heckard in From the Experts.

This blog concludes the Trends in Technology series on fintech, although I do plan on returning to the subject whenever I encounter a fintech subject that I think should be expanded upon. Each day, I invest approximately one hour reviewing email and other resources on fintech. It is possible that in the coming weeks something on fintech will catch my eye and become the subject of a future blog. We will see.

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