Robert J. Morgan

Senior Consultant


Prior to joining the firm in 1990, Mr. Morgan served as a Senior Vice President and Chief Economist with a multi-billion dollar regional bank. He also served in executive management capacities with community banking organizations and has managed investment, trust, budgeting, and financial forecasting functions. Mr. Morgan directs the firm’s Financial Management Division and works with clients on all aspects of asset/liability and interest rate risk management, investment portfolio management, and other aspects of bank financial performance. He has more than 35 years of experience in the investment management field and within the banking industry. He earned an master’s degree in business administration from Wayne State University, Detroit, and a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti. He is a past president of the Southern Council of Asset Management and a graduate of the ICFA Institute at Princeton University.

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Austin Advisor 10/23/17

The weather related data being released currently is being ignored by the bond market

Posted 20171023.

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Austin Advisor 10/16/17

Inflation remains well contained, while the surge in retail sales was largely affected by the…

Posted 20171016.

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Austin Advisor 10/9/17

Economic data released last week was the first of the weather affected reports

Posted 20171009.

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Austin Advisor 10/2/17

The hurricane impacted data is beginning and the bond market is ignoring it

Posted 20171002.

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