Asset/Liability Management

Austin's Financial Management practice area delivers a depth of industry knowledge based upon solid experience, best practices, and the most comprehensive analyses available.

Austin works with financial institutions of all sizes to provide monthly and quarterly asset/liability management and interest rate risk reporting. We provide third party reviews in IRR and liquidity risk management.

We collaborate with Chief Financial Officers and senior management teams on timely and accurate reports designed for Asset/Liability Committees, executive management, directors, and regulators.

Our team assists clients in navigating one of the most highly-regulated and complex industries, providing frontline support to help financial institutions meet and exceed all regulatory requirements.


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Our examiners appreciate and are impressed with the reporting that Austin Associates provides. Since we began using Austin 12 years ago, we have had no regulatory issues with our Liquidity and Sensitivity (to IRR) components. The breadth of their client base keeps them informed on regulatory hot topics, which is beneficial to us at exam time.


Austin Advisor 4/24/17

Geopolitical risks are driving financial markets, not the economic fundamentals

Posted 20170424.

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Austin Advisor 4/17/17

The data remains mixed and inflation remains muted based on the data from last week

Posted 20170417.

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Austin Advisor 4/10/17

Conflicting data continues to leave investors in a quandary

Posted 20170410.

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Austin Advisor 4/3/17

The economic data being released is reflective of better growth than the GDP data

Posted 20170403.

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